World Of RPS - Multiplayer Bitcoin Game

New multiplayer online game!

Play Rock Paper Scissors with other players for money or for free. You will spend a good time playing this game! Our game allows you to place bets and thus win money. Since we love our players we always make surprises for them! Therefore in this game we have collected bonus games for you, and you can spend them for playing paid games. Try your luck right now!

Rules of the game:

You should be logged in to play paid games otherwise you can play only free games.
This is classic RPS game, so you can read all the rules here .
You should be careful and follow opponents actions, you have 20 seconds response's time, you will lose if you don't make a response during this time.

Short instruction:

Firstly select the location from three available. The locations have different size of bet, so be sure that you have enough money. Otherwise you can play free or bonus games!
On the location page select a game from existing or create a new one. When you create a game you can change a default bet. For this action use the arrow buttons. Default bet in each location can be paid by bonus game that is marked by "Bonus" label.
To play the game use the classic RPS rules . The bet will be charged as you enter the game and can be returned back if you leave a not started game, otherwise you can take gain for win! The game will be lost if you don't give response in 20 seconds.